Monday, May 16, 2011

animal farm anticipation guide

Disagree because people have the right to ask questions to these powerful people if they want to. But there is one problem some of these powerful people are bad men. Many people ask questions to these dictators but they end up being silenced but I disagree with the fact that some people are not allowed to ask powerful people questions because they will be killed or be severely punished. I disagree because all people have the right to ask questions. I also agree a bit because if some of these people value there life they would be quiet, when it comes to dictators of course.

I also agree a bit that people should not ask questions to dictators because some dictators can be very cruel. If these people were to ask a question they should watch what they say if they don’t want to be punished. I disagree with the fact that people should not ask questions because they should if they want to know something.

Disagree some dictators are so powerful that they cannot be overthrown for a long time for example Fidel Castro. I disagree that dictators can be overthrown because some dictators are very powerful and cannot be overthrown. I also disagree because dictators cause so much trouble that the people are afraid to revolt against the dictator.

I also agree because many dictators have been overthrown like Mubarak. I also agree that dictators can be overthrown because some of them leave by themselves. But some dictators are killed so that sort of proves dictators can be overthrown.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On Tuesday the 15th of March 2011 two camels escaped from the Washington DC zoo. They were rampaging through the city. People were watching in despair as their cars were toppled over and crush by these massive animals. A witness says “my car was smashed and I was just so amazed how two camels can cause so much damage.” After the camels rampaged through the city they hijacked a car. Our helicopter saw that a man was in the car and the camels would not let him go. The camels just drove off with their hostage. We found out that the man was driving when all of a sudden two camels hijacked his car and didn’t give him any time to escape. The government is taking drastic measures for this terrible incident. We had an exclusive interview with the president himself. He said “from now on camels will be in an indoor cage at the zoo.” We also have information that says that both these camels had mental disabilities. This incident will never happen again says the zoo’s manager. We will make sure that all animals have a secure cage. This man was lucky there is no report of him being injured. The police told us they got him out alive and well. The man’s wants his identity to remain unknown. This man did say that he thought he was going to die and he said that the camels that took him hostage were pretty vicious. The police have confirmed that they caught these animal criminals and put them back into containment. Before being put into containment these two criminals were put on trial but they did not say much. And the police told us that the camel exhibit is now off limits for awhile. We are all happy that this man got out alright. The zoo has told us that the camel exhibit will open starting next month. It will be open on the 10th of next month. So if you plan to visit the zoo do not even bother going to the camel exhibit.

Friday, March 4, 2011

greaser or soc?

Hey there new guy, I heard your new to our streets. I don’t know if you have heard but me and my gang, the grease, says you got potential. If are getting confused about what this is saying well when you’re in our down your rather a greaser or a selfish Socs. And in order to pick I think you will go well with the greasers. Were like brother unlike the Socs. We take care of each other and not let anything get in our gang. But you gotta have guts kids, we will get rumble but only for something that is worth for, if you know what I mean. But if you’re asking yourself. Why greaser? Why not Socs? Well we not be the richest gang in the stat unlike the Socs, they have no respect for each other. Sometime you will fell like your all by yourself once with them scum. And you got no friends In that that group just gang members. Nothing else. But anyways it your choice. I’m just saying you should be with use guys, just my opinion.

Monday, September 20, 2010

edgar allan poe tell tale heart

This video was the best video out of the three videos our teacher gave us because it was animated. I enjoyed this video because of the nice graphics it had and it was very amusing. The video I have chosen was the best for me because it helped me understand what the story was about. This video was my favorite because it was enjoyable and mysterious. This video was creepy and weird. This video resembled a man who killed an old man because of his eye. In the story the killer tells his story calmly. The creepy thing about it is this man acts calm but he is actually a mad man. I think other people will enjoy this video and they should read about the life of edgar allan poe. I think this video will also help other readers. I think it will help them understand what this story is about this was the best video out of the three.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

my first blog

hey everyone this is my first blog i hope you enjoy it

Friday, April 30, 2010

my favorite movie

a movie that i liked was Underworld.

its about a vampire and a Lycan who help each other the problem is the lycans are at war with the vampires. the lycan becomes a hybrid when the vampire bites him to keep him a live because he was shot with silver nitrate.